2015 SAG Awards Aftermath


Making predictions about ANYTHING in public is a harrowing experience.  That said, my SAG Awards choices weren’t bad, but there were a few surprises.  Let’s take a look:

TV COMEDY ENSEMBLE  – “Orange Is the New Black” won and I’m not surprised.  I picked “Modern Family,” as I thought the voters would go with what they know, but “Orange” was truly my very close second choice.

TV COMEDY FEMALE – I picked Uzo Aduba, who won.  FYI – Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Poehler were my second choice ties, but whatever.

TV COMEDY MALE – I picked William H. Macy, who won.  Just a feeling in ma bones.

TV DRAMA ENSEMBLE – “Downton Abbey” got it and I’m counting my hedging as a win, since “Downton” was my first choice.

TV DRAMA FEMALE – I picked Maggie Smith, but Viola Davis walked away with the trophy for “How to Get Away with Murder.”  I know, I know, but Davis was my close second choice.

TV DRAMA MALE – Kevin Spacey won for “House of Cards.”  Nailed it.

TV MOVIE FEMALE – Frances McDormand won for “Olive Kitteridge,” as I predicted.

TV MOVIE MALE – Mark Ruffalo won for “The Normal Heart.”  He was my second choice (I know…) to Billy Bob Thornton in “Fargo.”

FILM SUPPORTING ACTRESS – Patricia Arquette won for “Boyhood,” which was my guess.

FILM SUPPORTING ACTOR  - As predicted, J.K. Simmons walked away with it for “Whiplash.”

FILM LEADING ACTRESS – Julianne Moore continued her win streak (and mine) for “Still Alice.”

FILM LEADING ACTOR – Two months ago, I tweeted that I thought Eddie Redmayne would win the Oscar for “The Theory of Everything.”  An online blogger of some prominence told me that Redmayne stood no shot against Michael Keaton in “Birdman.”  Maybe I changed my mind because of that interchange, maybe it was because of the odds makers, not sure.  But I did.  And I was shocked that Redmayne took the award tonight.  Keaton may well still win the Oscar, but Redmayne’s stock just shot way up.

FILM ENSEMBLE CAST – Redmayne was the biggest shock of my night.  Even though I picked “The Grand Budapest Hotel” to take this prize, I wasn’t open-mouthed that “Birdman” did.  The Michael Keaton starrer would have been only my third choice (I thought “Boyhood” was more likely), but the big news is this: “Birdman” also trumped “Boyhood” to take Best Picture from the Producers’ Guild last night…a true upset that now renders the two neck-and-neck for Best Picture at the Oscars.  The lack of a clear favorite and the ongoing onslaught that is “American Sniper” makes that Bradley Cooper pic an even more possible spoiler for the big night’s big prize.  Best Actor just became interesting, but Best Picture just became the reason to watch.

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