Lemonyellow Books

LemonYellow Books first publication "And the Winner Really Is..." by writer and teacher Ken Grout is now available!
"And the Winner Really Is..." is a book for movie buffs, Oscar fans, list freaks, data mavens, and trivia hounds.

It is a book that will settle arguments, initiate conversations, trigger memories, and inflame debates. It's a great road trip book, a great nightstand book, and is perfect for a Sunday afternoon sofa browse.

The author looked at all Oscar nominees in competitive acting categories through the years and developed one list - a single list that would rank "the greatest" of all time. That simple list was the genesis for the book.

That list is here...the Top 100 competitive acting Oscar nominees and winners of all time, but that original list generated many others...top romantic couples, biggest Oscar families, tops in each decade, AND a catalogue of every competitive Oscar nominee who has ever appeared in a recurring role on an American television series.